WPV Project

West Patton Sewer & Water Project

HPUD has been working with the State Water Board since 2016 to fund a new infrastructure for the homes in West Patton Village and the 2 streets included in WPV water system; Hillcrest and Mt. View.  HPUD started the grant/loan processes orginally in WPV CSD name, but once the consolitation of the 2 District was complete; the grant/loan had to be updated to HPUD name and finances.  Covid-19 has slowed this processes down with State employees working from home. The push from CRWA, new staff, and help from Senator Dahle office the project is alive in 2022.  HPUD has been granted a loan/grant for sewer of $2,624,583.00 and a grant for water $2,398,127.00. Please see Resolution 2019-03 and Resolution 2019-04 for completed rates for this project and this community. Staff continues to work with the  State Revolving Loan Fund to increase the grant/loan to $13,426,600.00 to cover all post covid cost.

December 19th, 2022 Construction began on Tamarack and A25 to replace the main sewer line for WPV.  Construction continues on Tamarack with sewer lines through April 2023.  Water line replacement will began in May and the whole project including new roads will be completed by the end of September 2023.

February 2023 Schedule Change: Schedule for replacing the main line and putting in meters in the Hillcrest and Mountian View area has been moved up.  Rapid Construction plan to work the next two weeks in Hillcrest and Mountain View area just on the main water line and meters.  Since there are 2 ways in and out of that area, they hope not to be incovenient to residents.  They will not be doing any work on the individual connections until later this Spring.  Rapid will not be in anyone's yards, just HPUD easement to place the meter.

Rapid will continue to work in WPV on the sewer mains at the same time.  They have 2 separate crews that work on water connections and sewer mains.


Please advise your children or walk with them to and from the bus stops.  Construction is going on and Contractors are being careful, but large equipment do not have eyes behind them.

As your home is being reconnected to the system, contractors are running the outside faucet to help clean out any air pockets that occured during the connect.  If you are aware of the new connection day, please run your bath tub water first when you get home to recirculate the water in your home.

There is a Construction binder in the office that is available for the public to review in the office during office hours.  This contains daily Field reports from the progress each day.  If you want copies of any or all, HPUD standard copy charges will apply.

Construction updates will be posted in the monthly newsletter with your monthly bill.

When there is a complete shut down of the water system in your neighbor, it is manatory for HPUD to take samples to the lab and order a boiling water advisory.  This may happen a few times during the construction progress.  This is Standard Operating Procedures.  Thank you for your concern and support during these 10 months of construction!