Financial Information

You will find all of our financial information on this page. Herlong Public Utility District operates on a calendar year fiscal year. Please let us know if you have any questions about any of our financial reords or policies.

You can view our Board and staff compensation by following the links.   Salary Scale pdf can be located at the bottom of this page.     

State Controllers Financial Transaction Report, click here


  Financial Information  




2021 Audit Report
FY 2022 Budget

FY 2022 Revised Budget 5.10.22


2020 Audit Report
FY 2021 Budget

FY 2021 Revised Budget 6.8.21


2019 Audit Report

FY 2020 Budget   

2018 Audit Report

FY 2019 Budget Policy 3020 Budget Preperation 

2017 Audit Report

FY 2018 Budget  

2016 Audit Report

FY 2017 Budget  Policy 3120 Investments - updated 8/22

2015 Audit Report

 FY 2016 Budget Policy 3140 Financial Reserves- updated 8/22

2014 Audit Report

 FY 2015 Budget Policy 3155 Debt Management






















2022-2025 District of Distinction Gold Level 2022-2025 District of Distinction Seal

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